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Grenadaupdated on : 22 april 2014
Widget Grenada
Continent Americas
Sub-continent West Indies
Population (2014) 110 152 inhabitants
Yearly growth rate nc %
Area 350 km2
Density 314.72 inhabitants/km2
GDP (2014) 0.88 milliards $USD
GDP/inhabitant (2013) 7 440 $USD
GDP growth (2014) 1.50 %
Life expectancy nc years
Birth (2007) 21.87
Fecundity index nc children/woman
Death (2007) 6.61
Child death rate (2006) 14.27
Alphabtization rate nc %
Official languages English, French
Currency converter East Caribbean dollar (XCD)
Human developpment index (IDH 2014) 0.750/1.0 (rank : 80/189)
Environmental Performance Index (EPI 2010) nc
Nature of the state Parliamentary democracy under constitutional monarchy
Head of the state Monarch Queen Elizabeth II ; Governor General Cécile La Grenade
National hollyday
Internet code of the country : .gd
Demonym Grenadian
Tourist (2013) 116 000 people

Activity areas
Agriculture nc %
Industry nc %
Services nc %

Towns widget
Urban areas Population (2011)
Urbanization rate nc %
1 St. George’s 49 618  
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In red : capital
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